• Why Royal Metals Group?

    When it comes to purchasing precious metals, Royal Metals Group is the industry “Gold Standard” for compliant precious metal purchases. Buying precious metals from other online dealers that do not employ our patent-pending distribution model may put your purchase of physical precious metals at risk.

  • Built for the Trusted Advisor

    Royal Metals Group’s online patent pending Trusted Advisor trading platform was built solely for the Licensed Trusted Advisor. Our Trusted Advisors help us maintain compliance with Federal Regulations such as the: Bank Secrecy Act, The Patriot Act, OFAC, SAR Reporting, OFAC, “Know Your Customer,” and also aid us in establishing a “Customer Identification Program” when opening new client accounts.

  • Locate an Advisor Today

    Royal Metals Group has over 1600+ contracted registered advisors in over 30 states!  Let us help you find one close to you!

  • View our AML Policy

    Our AML Policy outlines our company’s policies and procedures for reporting and establishing customer accounts. Please click on the link to view in it’s entirety